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Creating a flexible framework.

In 2008, Jeff Hamada founded Booooooom and it quickly became one of the largest art blogs on the Internet.

I worked with the Booooooom team to design and develop a mobile version of the site.

Problem: The site was completely fixed-width. Mobile devices displayed an unreadable zoomed-out version of the blog. Booooooom has one of the best Twitter feeds around, but clicking a link from the Twitter app to the blog was useless.

Solution: We needed to find the fastest way to write some media queries into the CCS and get the site to work on device screens smaller than 768px.

The first task was to create a simple model of the site’s CSS. All the fixed-pixel-width containers needed to be converted to percentages in order to make the mobile version responsive.

Since we didn’t want to mess with the structure of the site, most of the work was done in-browser with Chrome’s developer tools, and then new CSS (and some HTML for the mobile menu) was uploaded to the Wordpress theme all at once.

The menu was simplified and placed inside a drawer, accessible behind a hamburger icon. The drawer also gave us a good opportunity to include the signature Booooooom color.

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