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Hacking the home screen to show today’s temperature

In collaboration with Partners, LLC, I designed Weather° as a lightweight iOS app which displays the current temperature directly on the homescreen.

We use the notification badge to push you the most up-to-date local temperature. Great for people who don’t like opening apps (or windows).

I designed an onboarding flow where we capture your location, permission to send notifications, and your preference for F° or C°, and then we prompt you to close the app and see it in action on the home screen.

Users can toggle their unit preference inside the app with a swipe. Actually, that’s about the only thing users can do inside the app. Simplicity for the win.

After all the permissions and preferences are set, the app works its magic right there on your homescreen. Tired of opening up your apps all the time? Weather° is coming soon to an app store near you!

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